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Description:National Aeronautics and Space Admin.Total Dirs:1,114
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/1.1 K24.7 K58.90 GB
/pub1.1 K24.7 K58.89 GB
/pub/pao96223.7 K42.78 GB
/pub/pao/images78414.4 K41.09 GB
/pub/pao/images/paoimages75914.1 K40.60 GB
/pub/pao/images/paoimages/space_station3075.2 K28.74 GB
/pub/pao/images/paoimages/misc1733.9 K5.77 GB
/pub/pao/images/paoimages/space_station/expedition_23162533.98 GB
/pub/ig18382.94 GB
/pub/ig/ccd16362.94 GB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Image Files14,37340.86 GB69.37 %
Miscellaneous Files29310.95 GB18.59 %
Archive Files563.45 GB5.86 %
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Document Files9,4721.05 GB1.79 %
Data Files59225.66 MB0.37 %
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Internet Files2563.13 MB0.01 %
Program Files11.11 MB0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
Aurora09/Aug/20137.91 GB
Inventing01/Mar/2004888.43 MB
20100402_exp23_launch.mov02/Apr/2010741.18 MB
Astronaut16/May/2005454.79 MB
Pswift01.002.gz19/Mar/2008398.09 MB
Pswift01.002.gz01/Mar/2011398.09 MB
Pswift01.001.gz19/Mar/2008375.52 MB
Pswift01.001.gz01/Mar/2011375.52 MB
Pswift01.003.gz19/Mar/2008286.13 MB
Pswift01.003.gz01/Mar/2011286.13 MB

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