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FTP Site:ftp.vims.eduScan Date:22/Jun/2015
Description:Virginia Institute of Marine ScienceTotal Dirs:5,603
Country:United StatesTotal Files:3,064
PDF Data:12.54 GB

Top 10 Directories

/5.6 K3.1 K12.54 GB
/incoming5.5 K60411.80 GB
/incoming/milligan014.24 GB
/incoming/knista70182.89 GB
/incoming/knista/GOM_movies062.32 GB
/incoming/Hardaway011.10 GB
/incoming/jdloftis2116968.41 MB
/incoming/wang10510614.01 MB
/incoming/knista/Senthil_ROMSdata012581.91 MB
/incoming/jdloftis/Projects410558.43 MB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files1,7526.29 GB50.14 %
Video Files62.60 GB20.76 %
Data Files5651.18 GB9.44 %
Document Files2641.12 GB8.90 %
Miscellaneous Files131888.20 MB6.91 %
Image Files338280.35 MB2.18 %
Database Files7212.07 MB1.65 %
Internet Files11.69 MB0.01 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
FireIsland_Data.zip18/Jun/20154.24 GB
2015_06_12a.zip18/Jun/20151.10 GB
GOM_map_fluxes2.mpg26/May/2015789.97 MB
GOM_map_fluxes.avi26/May/2015688.57 MB
Presentation_UNTRIM2015_extended.pdf04/Jun/2015428.77 MB
ROMS_mudall.mat11/Jun/2015323.73 MB
GOM_sedden_compare.avi19/Jun/2015310.30 MB
UVWQ0200.outb16/Apr/2015306.53 MB
Vslice_MissCanyon_temp_shrt.avi25/May/2015299.04 MB
Vslice_MissEast_temp_shrt.avi25/May/2015289.82 MB

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