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FTP Site:ftp2.bvrp.comScan Date:12/Apr/2015
Description:Business and Bookkeeping Software ArchiveTotal Dirs:431
Country:FranceTotal Files:1,341
PDF Data:32.01 GB

Top 10 Directories

/4311.3 K32.01 GB
/pub4271.3 K32.01 GB
/pub/Temp12736.98 GB
/pub/RW942615.03 GB
/pub/Temp/UC034.74 GB
/pub/Architecte3D2174.51 GB
/pub/Architecte3D/2011163.42 GB
/pub/Architecte3D/2011/Ultimate023.37 GB
/pub/WebEasy7372.86 GB
/pub/WebEasy/86282.08 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Program Files77922.04 GB68.84 %
Disk Image Files85.10 GB15.94 %
Archive Files522.39 GB7.46 %
Miscellaneous Files1591.88 GB5.87 %
Document Files197302.79 MB0.92 %
Windows Package Files3152.18 MB0.46 %
Image Files5482.37 MB0.25 %
Internet Files6042.38 MB0.13 %
Video Files231.49 MB0.10 %
Music Files88.58 MB0.03 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
Architect3DUltimate.dmg24/Aug/20122.38 GB
Architect3D.dmg24/Aug/20122.28 GB
Architecte3DUltimate_2011_FRA.exe02/Mar/20131.73 GB
Architecte3D_ContentPack_Ultimate_2011.exe02/Mar/20131.65 GB
Architecte3DSilver2009.part2.rar02/Mar/20131.03 GB
Power02/Mar/2013738.52 MB
Japprends_la_guitare_electrique.exe25/Feb/2012564.66 MB
BR11Home_UK.zip03/Mar/2013464.83 MB
Berlitz_Intensivkurs_English.exe02/Mar/2013413.17 MB
3DHausDesignStudioComfort_setup.exe03/Mar/2013395.56 MB

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