9 FTP Sites - 3,053,684 Directories - 58,396,888 Files - 71.90 TB of Data

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
ftp.cc.uoc.grUniversity of Crete1.21 M20.59 M24.34 TB
ftp2.gr.freebsd.orgFreeBSD Greece Mirror1.1 M18.41 M21.59 TB
ftp.ntua.grTechnical University of Athens266.8 K6.43 M8.96 TB
ftp.gr.freebsd.orgFreeBSD Greece Mirror 2265.9 K6.41 M8.91 TB
users.otenet.grOtenet Internet Service Provider100.5 K3.29 M4.26 TB
ftp.otenet.grHellenic Telecommunications Organization99.9 K2.9 M3.67 TB
ftp.forthnet.grForthnet Communications13 K360.2 K169.55 GB
ftp.teicrete.grTechnological Educational Institute Of Crete2101.3 K16.90 GB
ftp.softlab.ntua.grNational Technical University of Athens1531.1 K120.38 MB