8 FTP Sites - 761,038 Directories - 24,848,769 Files - 39.61 TB of Data

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
ftp.linux.kiev.uaKiev Linux Archive529 K18.62 M24.80 TB
mirror.imbg.org.uaInstitute of Molecular Biology and Genetics4.4 K1.36 M8.64 TB
mirror.mirohost.netMiroHost Hosting Services112.2 K1.56 M1.95 TB
ftp.colocall.netColoCALL Data Center7.8 K1.44 M1.93 TB
mirror.ukrnames.comUkrnames Domain Services67.5 K932.2 K1.15 TB
ftp.tlk-l.netTLK-L Archive11.8 K600.3 K682.19 GB
centos.ip-connect.vn.uaIP-Connect Software Archive26.4 K287 K438.56 GB
ftp.gnu.org.uaGNU Software Archive2 K48.6 K54.09 GB