University of Kent Mirror Service - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Site:ftp.mirrorservice.orgScan Date:01/Jul/2015
Description:University of Kent Mirror ServiceTotal Dirs:1,173,772
Country:United KingdomTotal Files:6,237,610
PDF Data:18.02 TB

Top 10 Directories

/1.17 M6.24 M18.02 TB
/sites1.17 M6.24 M18.02 TB
/sites/downloads.sourceforge.net752.2 K101.3 K4.22 TB
/sites/download.kiwix.org104.8 K2.49 TB
/sites/ K1.58 TB
/sites/ftp.debian.org28.5 K1.16 M1.18 TB
/sites/ K1.16 M1.18 TB
/sites/ K1.18 TB
/sites/ K1.13 M1.18 TB
/sites/ K1.12 M1.14 TB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files1,480,4527.80 TB43.54 %
Disk Image Files9,4434.15 TB23.16 %
Linux Package Files2,496,3723.43 TB19.16 %
Data Files622,6571016.08 GB5.54 %
Program Files18,944774.28 GB4.22 %
Miscellaneous Files647,430335.75 GB1.83 %
Document Files140,028185.21 GB1.01 %
Video Files490135.75 GB0.74 %
Internet Files603,25882.46 GB0.45 %
Image Files58,22664.51 GB0.35 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
kiwix-0.9+wikipedia_en_all_2015-04.zip25/Apr/201555.51 GB
kiwix-0.9+wikipedia_en_all_2015-05.zip11/May/201554.67 GB
wikipedia_en_all_2015-04.zim22/Apr/201547.90 GB
wikipedia_en_all_2015-05.zim09/May/201547.40 GB
kiwix-0.9+wikisource_en_all_2015-06.zip06/Jun/201526.08 GB
kiwix-0.9+wikisource_en_all_2015-05.zip05/May/201525.75 GB
kiwix-0.9+wikisource_en_all_2015-04.zip14/Apr/201525.63 GB
wikisource_en_all_2015-06.zim06/Jun/201524.05 GB
kiwix-0.9+wikipedia_en_all_nopic_2015-05.zip18/May/201523.75 GB
wikisource_en_all_2015-05.zim03/May/201523.74 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/072,2617.80 GB
2015/06990,5432.23 TB
2015/05237,6661.98 TB
2015/04127,4251.52 TB
2015/03125,118588.59 GB
2015/02138,876326.25 GB
2015/01127,798273.21 GB
2014/12124,404339.53 GB
2014/11147,566398.71 GB
2014/10195,535348.36 GB
2014/09144,225262.11 GB
2014/08159,459229.62 GB