FTP Sites Analysis and Statistics

FTP Sites:1,556FTP Status:v2.6.38
Total Dirs:105,100,879Updated:25/Jan/2016
Total Files:2,408,096,230Countries:66
Total Data:3374.89 TBDomains:77

Top 10 FTP Sites

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
ftpmirror.your.orgWikimedia Archive672.5 K19.83 M112.81 TB
ftp.ebi.ac.ukEMBL European Bioinformatics Institute525.2 K6.56 M53.40 TB
ftp.sunet.seSwedish University Computer Network1.11 M42.35 M53.02 TB
ftp5.gwdg.deGWDG Software Archive1.07 M30.25 M50.91 TB
ftp.funet.fiIT Center for Science814.5 K57.6 M47.42 TB
ftp.icm.edu.plUniversity of Warsaw1.08 M30.26 M45.69 TB
ftp.rediris.esSpanish Academic and Research Network402.7 K25.36 M44.61 TB
ftp2.ie.freesbie.orgFreeSBIE Archive290.4 K1.08 M42.60 TB
sunsite.icm.edu.plComputational Modeling Center870.2 K26.7 M37.34 TB
www.mirrorservice.orgThe UK Mirror Service Software Archive2.18 M26.67 M36.37 TB

Top 10 File Categories by Amount of Data

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files1,033,281,7301486.22 TB44.04 %
Archive Files452,773,2581081.99 TB32.06 %
Disk Image Files1,197,480412.58 TB12.22 %
Miscellaneous Files351,232,369141.77 TB4.20 %
Data Files160,114,03479.80 TB2.36 %
Video Files236,59143.87 TB1.30 %
Program Files2,484,81431.46 TB0.93 %
Image Files61,761,68428.15 TB0.83 %
Document Files97,157,25620.02 TB0.59 %
Music Files2,389,72815.06 TB0.45 %

Top 10 Countries by Number of FTP Sites

CountryFTP SitesTotal DirsTotal FilesTotal DataPDF
United States51220,436,237478,153,359716.32 TB
Germany21114,974,420330,634,891437.57 TB
United Kingdom956,327,758101,587,301228.44 TB
France864,207,303112,898,744152.55 TB
Netherlands624,555,039121,052,204164.19 TB
Canada551,878,62840,498,80244.32 TB
Poland356,914,929138,318,296176.43 TB
Australia352,143,43759,559,37369.50 TB
Austria321,323,17032,927,35237.27 TB
Sweden312,245,25972,093,37097.43 TB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2016/016,272,6959.77 TB
2015/1216,534,66525.89 TB
2015/1121,035,92836.71 TB
2015/1020,789,29938.34 TB
2015/0925,840,94957.75 TB
2015/0833,846,49855.61 TB
2015/0718,088,01730.59 TB
2015/0637,337,43053.74 TB
2015/0537,540,83058.44 TB
2015/0443,619,57084.25 TB
2015/0348,525,92679.64 TB
2015/0241,573,28155.62 TB

Data Modified During Last 10 Years

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
20166,272,6959.77 TB
2015385,507,922639.65 TB
2014607,620,535872.09 TB
2013354,502,363548.84 TB
2012256,600,544449.92 TB
2011175,749,009262.78 TB
2010156,987,871191.64 TB
2009109,108,665126.25 TB
200875,882,51388.00 TB
200760,398,42566.42 TB

Recently Updated FTP Sites

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
www.mirrorservice.orgThe UK Mirror Service Software Archive2.18 M26.67 M36.37 TB
ftp.cc.uoc.grUniversity of Crete1.21 M20.59 M24.34 TB
mirror.ox.ac.ukUniversity of Oxford306.8 K5.36 M5.94 TB
opensuse.mirrors.ovh.netOVH Linux Software Archive91 K1.85 M3.23 TB
opensuse.mirrors.proxad.netProxad Linux Software Archive171.1 K2.57 GB
suse.uni-leipzig.deLeipzig University Software Archive447.4 K4.09 M2.76 TB
ftp.uni-bremen.deUniversity of Bremen Software Archive41.3 K1.94 M1.91 TB
ftp5.gwdg.deGWDG Software Archive1.07 M30.25 M50.91 TB
ftp.linux.czMasaryk University Software Archive337.1 K14.76 M17.46 TB
ftp.hosteurope.deHost Europe Hosting Services355.1 K5.64 M7.36 TB