19 FTP Sites - 540,833 Directories - 19,052,762 Files - 24.49 TB of Data

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
mirror.switch.chSWITCH University Network256.3 K7.3 M8.53 TB
linuxsoft.cern.chEuropean Organization For Nuclear Research15.6 K3.24 M6.08 TB
debian.ethz.chSwiss Education and Research Network110.2 K2.62 M3.45 TB
ftp.solnet.chSolNet Internet Provider23.5 K2.21 M2.77 TB
debian.csg.uzh.chUniversity Of Zurich74.6 K1.74 M1.87 TB
mirror.iway.chInterway Internet Services53.7 K1.34 M1.30 TB
ftp.cscs.chSwiss Education and Research Network1892.7 K160.69 GB
root.cern.chEU Organization for Nuclear Research4817 K151.17 GB
ftp.psi.chSwiss Education Network1.4 K84.9 K105.52 GB
ftp.astro.chAstrodienst Astrology Archive815442.5 K33.30 GB
ftp.inf.ethz.chETH Zurich University5307.5 K17.02 GB
ftp.pmodwrc.chObservatory and World Radiation Center4999.4 K13.04 GB
ftp.tik.ee.ethz.chETH Zurich University4864 K7.64 GB
ftp.fourmilab.chFourmilab Archive2.5 K35.6 K6.14 GB
ftp.imp.chImproWare Hosting6125.70 GB
ftp.idsia.chArtificial Intelligence Research Institute628902.45 GB
ftp.hsr.chUniversity of Applied Sciences Rapperswil1754.9 K2.37 GB
ftp.fastnet.chFastnet Internet Services2371598.14 MB
ftp.mowgli.chMowglis Archive205571163.03 MB